It’s all about the journey

“Are you crazy?” and “You are so brave” were the two most common things I heard about my decision but I really don’t think I was either, I was simply not feeling satisfied with life.   Here I was a successful & well paid advertising executive at one of the top agencies in Canada with tons of friends, a great condo and I just knew this couldn’t be all there was.  So in 2004, at the age of 40, this single gal decided to quit her job and travel around the world – that was the decision that elicited the comments and changed my life.

Along my 6 month journey I traveled through Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and South America and along the way I discovered myself.  And you know what they were right – I was brave!  I dared myself to try something that “scared” me in each country I visited so I bungy jumped, I drove motorcycles, I rode an elephant, I scuba dived with sharks, I ate street food, I tracked rhino on foot, I climbed a mountain, I slept in a mud hut, I flew in a helicopter, I scaled a glacier, I navigated public transit, I learned to surf and I became friends with complete strangers.  I am sure I was also a bit crazy but you know what sometimes crazy is fun & educational.

My travel experience completely transformed me – I returned to Canada with lifelong friends, a new business and a renewed passion for life.  I believe that travel can change the world as it is through travel that we learn acceptance, gain humanity and experience childlike wonder.  I believe it is my mission in life to spread the gospel of travel and through my business I help my clients do the same.

Travel is truly transformational – so be a traveler not a tourist.

“Follow your own path and let people talk.” – Dante

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  1. James Powell says:


    Great piece. I love your challenge to do something that “scares” you during your travel. We’re doing a big trip to Italy in September and I’m going to share this challenge with my partner. I’ll let you know what we come up with.